Post-breakup retrieval service

Here's an ad on Craigslist-SF for a service that will retrieve items "left behind" at former lovers' homes. Of course, I think more often than not people secretly want the excuse to see their exes again and this is one way to make that happen. Here's the ad:

Did you leave something special behind?

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Date: 2007-06-12, 9:53PM PDT

Did some bad break-up or awkward one-night-stand have you exiting a lovers house in a hurry, in a frazzled flurry, so that you ended up leaving some cherished item behind?

It could be as small as the left stud earring to a pair OR as large as a bicycle, a book, boxer shorts, a letter declaring your love, a CD, a DVD, a pet dog? Whatever the item, now the humiliation or shame of the situation makes it impossible to go back to get it.

Can't call for fear of hearing that voice–seeing that face?

Well, if having that object back in your possession is desperately important, leave the dirty work to us!!
With an address, we will go and retrieve your abandoned keepsake AND return it to an anonymous location of your choice, no questions asked, no appearances necessary, no monetary fee required.

Simply put: we've been there. And we understand how frustrating it can be to lose a prized possession in the messy getaway; to desert a priceless part in the midst of a discarded heart.

contact us now.


Link (Thanks, Jess Hemerly!)

UPDATE: Several BB readers believe that this could be some sort of scam, art piece, marketing campaign, dangerous idea, etc. Caveat retrievor.