Science pop songs

The New Scientist blog asks for help in creating a list of the "Top 10 Science Pop Songs." From the post:

Among the best and strangest science songs are surely the Beastie Boys' Sounds Of Science, Kool Keith's version of Ego Trippin', MC Hawking's What We Need More Of Is Science, Sweet's Alexander Graham Bell, Einstein A Go-Go by Landscape and E=MC2 from Big Audio Dynamite. Oh and of course, Monkey vs Robot.

But there's also Kraftwerk's Computer Love, Big Science by Laurie Anderson, pharmaceutical trial procedure described in Siouxsie and the Banshees' Placebo Effect, Blur's Chemical World, Electricity courtesy of Suede (also OMD), Atomic by bombshell Blondie, Genetic Engineering by OMD (and X-Ray Spex), and what list would be complete without Diana Ross's Chain Reaction (less ably repeated by Steps)?