Steampunk screenplay based on "Hackers"

Clockers is a screenplay for a steampunk version of "Hackers" — it's a hoot!


–criminal mischief and destruction of property. The defendant possesses a malicious cunning, which he has used to wreak havoc on the industry of his elders and betters. His "self-replicating automata," engraved with his signature alias "Arctic Pole," dealt brutally with the delicate workings of one hundred and fifty machines in the cotton mills which are the pride of our city, stripping them for parts and building more of themselves. We estimate that he has cost the owners a full month's profits.


Daedelus Murphy, I hereby fine you one thousand pounds sterling.

Gasps from the crowd.

Should you be unable to summon sufficient funds, you or your surrogate will be sentenced to debtors' prison until such time as he has repaid it in full. In addition, you are prohibited from owning or operating a wrench, geartrain, pocketwatch or clock of any kind so long as you reside within this county.


Title card: 5EVEN Y3ARS LA+ER

Link to script, Link to other versions, including MP3 soundtrack

(via DaVinci Automata)