Electrocute your hot-dogs (and possibly yourself)

Need to cook a hot-dog? Got electricity? Electrocute your organ-meat for delicious nitrite treats.

Plug the forks into the two ends of the hot dog.

And then comes the tricky part: damn carefully plug in the other end of the cord. A much better strategy is to first plug the other end of the cord into a power strip and then flip the switch on. Under no circumstances should you touch either one of the forks, the hot dog, or other exposed surfaces unless you can actually see that the other end of the cord is *not plugged in.* The hot dog cooks rapidly, in maybe one or two minutes. Watch for swelling, a change in surface shape and luster, and finally smoke and/or cracking to indicate doneness. Overdo it, and there may be a nasty smell to go along with it.



GK sez, "This put me in mind of the Presto! HotDogger. The product used steel nails to pass current through a half-dozen wieners. Shazam!"