My Homeland Security t-shirt design for sale at Shirt.Woot

Update: Hey, this shirt is for sale again! (Aug 25, 2012)

A t-shirt I helped to design is up for sale on Shirt.Woot — a new t-shirt site from the Woot! people. The shirt's inspiration was this post about the British "Keep Calm and Carry On" tees.

My shirt features the text, "ZOMG TERRISTS GONNA KILL US ALL ZOMG ZOMG ALERT LEVEL BLOODRED RUN RUN TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES MOISTURE BOMBS ZOMG!" around a modified DHS logo, with the eagle clutching an empty water bottle and a pair of shoes.

Shirt.Woot has a funny pricing model. On the first day — today — the shirts cost $10 (including shipping!), but only 1000 of them are sold. Starting tomorrow, the shirts go up in price to $15 until August 6. After that, only the top selling Shirt.Woot designs will be offered for sale.

Woot and I have released the shirt's art under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license for your remixing pleasure.