Brazilian newspaper's linkbait: Bloggers are monkeys!

A Brazilian newspaper aired a commercial comparing bloggers to monkeys — as in, "if you read those stupid blog things instead of real newspapers, you're reading junk written by monkeys." Jose Murilo thinks the whole campaign is just linkbait: piss off bloggers, bloggers link to you, you get readers and traffic (note that this post does not contain the name of the newspaper or a link to it).

It is obvious that Estadão's marketing strategy was counting on the noise bloggers would make over the ads in order to achieve its goals, and the blogging crowd was surely among those who prompted a visit to Estadão's new website. On the other side, some bloggers guesstimate that inflaming the dispute between blogs and traditional media at this time may turn out to be a bad idea, while others find it better to follow the joke.


(Thanks, Josh!)