Massive walrus penis bone sold for $8000

Seen below is a portion of a fossilized Walrus penis bone that sold today at auction for $8000. Click image to see the whole photo. This marvel of nature, some 4.5 feet long, was purchased by the holding company that owns the Rilpey's Believe it or Not! Museums.


From the Associated Press:

Discovered in Siberia, the fossilized baculum, or penis bone, is from a species of walrus that went extinct 12,000 years ago. The piece curves to a point and is covered with weathered skin and dry muscle tissue.

The auction house said it was believed to be the largest known mammal penis fossil.

"I'm glad it's going to a museum and not a private collection" so it can on public display, Chait said. "It's definitely something everyone should see once in their life."

Link (Thanks, Jason Tester!)