Cutlery with built-in stands


My friend Jens-Martin Skibsted, the Danish industrial designer behind Puma's Urban Mobility bicycle and Biomega, created this ingenious set of cutlery. Each utensil has an integrated little "stand" to keep the business end from touching the table when you set it down. Keeps food off the table and germs off your cutlery. Jens-Martin designed the product, called "Side-On Cutlery," for Mater, a Copenhagen-based brand all about "ethical business strategies" and "working methods that support people, local craft traditions and the environment." Jens-Martin told me that he was blown away by how rigorously Mater scrutinizes the business and environmental practices of their suppliers before contracting with a particular factory for production.

From the Side-On Cutlery description:

A polished, stainless steel cutlery collection consisting of fork, knife, spoon and tablespoon, inspired by Japanese oki table setting. the side-on standing cutlery range offers an attentive (sic, "alternative"?) to the traditional table setting. Produced in a family-owned factory located in the guangdong province of southern china.

Link to Mater's Side-On Cutlery, Link to Skibsted Ideation

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