IT Crowd Season 2, Episode 4 — and DVD!

The new episode of The IT Crowd — the ass-kicking nerd comedy from Graham Linehan, creator of Father Ted — aired this week. Season two, episode four ("The Dinner Party") is another in this season's even-funnier, even-weirder installments — this time, Jen and her new boyfriend are having a dinner party with her three single female friends, and his male friends cancel out, meaning that the IT department have to fill in. I watched this last night in the hotel room and nearly woke up the neighbors laughing.

As usual, I watched this by downloading the torrent. Channel 4, the broadcaster, has its own streaming service, but it won't run under Linux.

In other awesome news, Mike noticed that The IT Crowd Season Two DVD is already listed for pre-order on Amazon UK. Last season's DVD featured many excellent gracenotes (including leet subtitles), and I've just ordered the new one.

Link to ISOhunt Torrent,

Link to Mininova Torrent,

Link to "The Dinner Party" on YouTube

(Thanks, Dave, Tian and Mike!)

(Disclosure: I was an unpaid consultant on series one of The IT Crowd, and my fiancee is about to start work at Channel Four)

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