Armless man questioned after deadly fight

Snelville, Georgia police are investigating whether William Russell Redfern, who has no arms, may have caused the death of his neighbor after head-butting and kicking him in a fight. An autopsy showed that the man, Charles Keith Teer, died from a heart attack shortly after the altercation. Redfern is an artist known for pen-and-ink drawings done with his foot. From the Associated Press:

"He's dating my brother's ex-girlfriend," said Teer's sister Lynn Elliot. "My neighbor left my brother for this guy, so it's a verbal argument between them the whole time."

Elliot said the armless man attacked her brother.

"They got into a big confrontation, a verbal confrontation and a fist fight and he came after my brother, he came with full force, and head butted him as hard as he could," said Elliot.

She said Teer collapsed and died a short time after the fight.