Furries vs Klingons bowling tournament this Sat in Atlanta

This Saturday, Atlanta's Midtown Bowl will see the second annual Klingons vs Furries bowling tournament, in a mighty subcultural clash. It's like Quadrophenia with furrs and trekkers instead of mods and rockers.


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Update: An anonymous Klingon in our message board adds this:

I am one of the Klingons in the photo (tall one back row far right). This event was not presented to our Klingon (KAG) group as a challenge. The challenge was between the STAR TREK club, and not the Klingon club.

The OP of the ad made this up. The challenge was never accepted because it was never offered.

While this event WILL PROBABLY happen in the future, it will not happen this Saturday. No Klingons are available on such short notice, and many of our best bowlers are off-world (cough) doing, um, Klingon stuff.

I admit I'm surprised how this is turning out to be so popular. Perhaps we can use this to benefit a sponsored charity.

And yes, we will wax the floor with these…creatures who use tribbles for butt wipes.


I'd say we are sorry for the confusion, but being Klingon means never having to say you're sorry.