Inside Loren Coleman's Cryptozoology Museum

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Our pal Loren Coleman's Portland, Maine home-office doubles as the International Cryptozoology Museum, a literal cabinet of curiosities devoted to "hidden animals" and oddities related to his Fortean passions. The Lewiston Sun Journal's Kathryn Skelton paid a visit to the museum and documented the experience with a wonderful article, photos, and audio clips. From the article (photo by Amber Waterman):

Sometime next spring, Loren Coleman's getting a 12-foot-long replica of Canada's Ogopogo lake monster. It'll probably have to stay on the porch, near his 8.5-foot-tall, oxen-haired Bigfoot.

Coleman is a little pressed for space indoors. There's already a 9-foot latex pterodactyl camouflaged by an avocado tree and a cabinet of skulls with surly looking cuspids in the living room.

The International Cryptozoology Museum runneth over.

He's tried to contain it, so far, to a single floor in his Portland home, and it makes for a sort of cryptid wild kingdom. There's a busy brick wall in particular that TV and documentary crews love to pose him against when he talks about sea serpents and Bigfoots and Dover Demons.

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