Anti-DRM cards to stick in your Netflix envelopes from Defective By Design

Joshua sez, "The Defective by Design campaign is sending a message (in the form business-card size letters) to Netflix, requesting that they stop imposing DRM on their online streaming video service. The letters can be mailed in Netflix return envelopes. This is the first step the DBD campaign has taken against video DRM."

When it comes to online video distribution companies, Netflix is second to none. They ship over 1.6 million DVDs per day to over 6.7 million customers. They now also make 5,000 movies and TV Shows available for download. However, there is a problem, these videos are tied down by DRM.

So, just as we've told music vendors that we will not and cannot download audio files laden with DRM, let's tell Netflix that we cannot and will not download or stream their videos until they remove the DRM.


(Thanks, Joshua!)