Hallowe'en mashups from Mashing Pumpkins

Mashing Pumpkins is a pretty swell new free album of illegal Hallowe'en mashups. I've just downloaded a smattering of them for review purposes and found myself rockin' out to DJ Engineer's "Purple Monster Bop" (Shaun of the Dead – Man Parrish (Hip Hop, Be Bop – Don't Stop) vs Dr. Demento (Purple People Eater) vs Monster Twist).

These mashup sites tend to disappear about ten seconds after they hit the net and get some serious download traffic, so I've created Coral Cache links to all the individual MP3s below — just one of the many services we provide here at Boing Boing Global Enterprises (A wholly owned subsidiary of Harriman Enterprises Holdings (Holdings) Ltd).


(Thanks, Ray!)