Musée Mécanique proprietor's aluminum pocket protector

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One of my all-time favorite spots in San Francisco is the Musée Mécanique, a magnificent penny arcade of yesteryear filled with dozens of incredible antique arcade machines, mechanical music instruments, and bizarre automatons. Today, I spent the morning at Musée Mécanique with my pals from OpenRoad.TV, a new travel video site dedicated to unique destinations in the American West. I've been visiting Musée Mécanique for years and this time had the chance to meet the proprietor, Dan Zelinsky, who also leads the restoration and maintenance of the machines. Dan's a wonderful guy with a passion for these delightful contraptions and a love of sharing his fun with the public. The first thing I noticed when I met Dan is that he was wearing a aluminum stainless steel pocket protector. He said he made it himself after realizing that he was tearing through at least one plastic pocket protector a week. The side seams are sewn with copper wire and coated with cellophane tape so it doesn't snag his shirt. I think it's a real beaut. Click the photos for a better view. I'll link to the interview with Dan and the tour of the Musée Mécanique once it's online at OpenRoad.TV. Link to Musée Mécanique, Link to OpenRoad.TV

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