Some dinosaurs dug underground tunnels

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Science News reports that dinosaur fossils have been found in burrows.

"The find is the first indisputable evidence that some dinosaurs maintained an underground lifestyle for at least part of their lives."

The newly described dinosaur's 1.25-m-long tail accounted for most of the slim creature's estimated 2.1-m length. In adulthood, it would have stood knee-high to humans, says Varricchio. Broad flanges on the upper bones of the creature's forelimbs indicate where large muscles attached, he adds. Similar features, which provide increased leverage while digging, are found on the analogous bones in modern-day armadillos.

The dinosaur's broad hips suggest that it could have braced itself in a wide stance* while burrowing. The foremost bones in its skull were fused, a characteristic that could have enabled the creature to dig more effectively.

(*The dinosaur does look a lot like Senator Craig.)