High-definition video of the moon

 Press 2007 11 Img 20071107 Kaguya 01L

Old-school bOING bOING pal Jim Leftwich points to startling new high definition video of the moon released by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and NHK. The images were taken by the lunar explorer Kaguya on Halloween. Breathtaking. I would love to see this footage at full resolution on a huge screen. From JAXA:

…It is the world's first high definition image data acquisition of the Moon from an altitude about 100 kilometers away from the Moon.

The image taking was performed twice on October 31. Both were eight-fold speed intermittent shooting (eight minutes is converged to one minute.) The first shooting covered from the northern area of the "Oceanus Procellarum" toward the center of the North Pole, then the second one was from the south to the north on the western side of the "Oceanus Procellarum." The moving image data acquired by the KAGUYA was received at the JAXA Usuda Deep Space Center, and processed by NHK.