Tesseracts 11 Canadian sf anthology launch in Toronto this Sat

This Saturday, Toronto's Bakka Books will host the official launch of Tesseracts 11, the latest volume of the seminal Canadian science fiction anthology series that launched 22 years ago. I was immensely privileged to co-edit (with Holly Phillips) this year's edition, and doubly privileged to buy knockout stories from the likes of Daniel Archambault, Madeline Ashby, Greg Bechtel, Nancy Bennett, Lisa Carreiro, Peter Darbyshire, Khria Deefholts, Candas Jane Dorsey, Susan Forest, Kim Goldberg, Andrew Gray, Alyxandra Harvey-Fitzhenry, Stephen Kotowych, Claude Lalumière, John Mavin, Randy McCharles, Steven Mills, David Nickle, Kate Riedel, Hugh Spenser, Jerome Stueart and Élisabeth Vonarburg.

I've read every volume in the Tesseracts series, and published in some of them. I remember reading the first Tesseracts on the Cummer 42 TTC bus on the way home from school and having my mind so blown by stories from Margaret Atwood, William Gibson and David Kirkpatrick that I missed my stop and had to walk home (reading all the way). It was an incredible honour to co-edit one of the successor volumes.

There will be launch-parties for the book all across Canada, including Vancouver and Calgary.

Saturday, November 24, 2007 – 3:00pm
Bakka-Phoenix Books
697 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

This year, Tesseracts Eleven brings the series to a new height, with a blend of past and present writers, with their own individual visions of the future. The literature of Tesseracts Eleven has been critically selected and shaped into the collection you see by this year's editors, two of Canada's finest writers – acclaimed authors Cory Doctorow and Holly Phillips. Together they have chosen a powerful combination of 22 works by well known writers, as well as newer authors whose futures you will want to follow.

Confirmed authors in attendance for Toronto launch include:

* Susan Deefholts
* Steven Kotowych
* David Nickle
* Sandra Riedel
* Claude LaLumiere
* Douglas Arnott

Link, Buy Tesseracts 11 on Amazon