Millennium Falcon all-in-one joystick game

All-in-One Joystick games prove that you can cram an entire, mid-80s console system into something the size of a hockey puck, so it was inevitable that the hockey puck would get gussied up. Exhibit A: a Millennium Falcon all-in-one system that plays Star Wars games.

The Plug & Play Retro Gaming Millennium Falcon Joystick offers a choice of a Lightsaber Dual, Assault on Hoth, Red Reader and Battle of Endor games that see you engaging in Lightsaber battles to flying an X-Wing to controlling a ground force assault and even posing alongside Chewbacca, with each of the games being stored an a hard rive unit built into the Millennium Falcon themed joystick controller – all you have to do is plug it in to a TV using the supplied RCA cable (the Millennium Falcon is devoid of wireless capabilities).

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Link to buy at Urban Outfitters (offline as of 0500h GMT Dec 11/2007)

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