Canadian DMCA to be reintroduced — your action needed NOW!

Danny sez,

Michael Geist says that flip-flopping Jim Prentice may announce his Canadian DMCA bill tomorrow morning after all, following what looks like pressure from the US, and a government that doesn't want to appear "weak".

If they do, the thousands of Canadians who thought it was smart of him to actually pause and consult the voters on this bill will be furious.

Online Rights Canada, whose letter campaign has already sent 2500 letters to MPs, has launched a site to keep track of all the protests, photos, Facebook groups and political developments as they happen. One page, and an RSS feed is all you need at

Like I said before, this thing won't die until we cut off its head, sew its mouth full of garlic, and bury its head at a crossroads.


(Thanks, Danny!)

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