Filmmakers wanted for "Pangea Day"

Jehane Noujaim (the documentary filmmaker of Control Room) and TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) are asking professional and amateur filmmakers to submit their work for Pangea Day — a "global film event showcasing short films from around the world."

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How to produce and submit your short film:

Pangea Day films are meant to be visual stories, ones that can be understood despite language barriers, and therefore should not rely on dialogue. If dialogue is required, Pangea Day organizers are asking that videos have English subtitles so that all films can be translated. In order to show as many videos as possible, submissions must be 5 minutes or less.

Filmmakers with submissions should upload their films at and register their film at

A panel of jurors, led by Noujaim and other renowned members of the film community, will review all submissions and select the winning films to be screened on Pangea Day.