My desk. Let me show u it. (Kotaku)

Our friends at the gaming blog Kotaku did a neat feature in which workspaces of gaming biz / blogging biz / news biz folks are displayed, with little descriptions about the person behind them: Link. Featured workaholics include Sid Meier, Ken Levin, Dylan Jobe, Peter Molyneux, some Naughty Dog
and Sims folk, and many others -- including BB Gadgets' own Joel Johnson, and yours truly. One snap from my "office" on the road for the past few weeks in the rural Guatemalan highlands is above. Full description of each item in that massive pile of crap after the jump. (thanks, Brian Crecente and Brian Ashcraft!)

A room where I'm working tonight in a village in the department of Sololá, Guatemala, Central America.

In my "office," MacBook pro. As I type this, I'm editing some footage that documents K'iche Mayan children using computers for the first time in an education center I'm helping to develop here with friends and family.

More stuff on my "desk":

  • Sony HDR-HC3 camcorder
  • iPhone (roaming data service works great out here on local provider Claro, but is crazy costly)
  • supercompact Canon Elph (around $200, tiny and inconspicuous, but captures amazingly good video)
  • Marantz PMD 660 digital audio recorder (clunky but high quality results, swear by it for all the work I do for NPR)
  • Edirol digital audio recorder (smaller, trying it out for the first time, lower-quality but more portable and no external mic required, also it looks like an evil space alien's death ray weapon, huzzah)
  • an omnidirectional mic with a shotgun grip that airport security personnel sometimes think is an actual shotgun
  • Cheap Nokia cellphone (on provider Tigo), only cost US $10 with 100 minutes included, works great out in more remote areas where other voice providers don't
  • some external hard drives and various flavors of memory cards
  • Skype credit and headphones
  • K'ichee' language grammar books and dictionaries
  • a hand-loomed shawl I received as a gift from one of the tejedoras in the pueblo where we're building the computer center and working to help rebuild infrastructure
  • bottles of Cipro, Norfloxacin, and Loperamide just in case. Potable water here is not so easy to come by, and, as they say, the shits happen.
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