Canada puts Gitmo on torture watchlist

David sez, "A Canadian Foreign Affairs Department training manual names Guantanamo Bay as a site of possible torture and abuse. Despite this, they're doing nothing to help Omar Khadr, a Canadian held there since 2002."

The U.S. prison camp in Cuba is among several countries listed as potential trouble spots, including Afghanistan, the United States, China, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Mexico and Syria…

When asked in the past about Khadr's claims that he had been abused, Foreign Affairs officials have said Canada takes the issue seriously and has received assurances from U.S. officials it wasn't happening…

His lawyers say he has been held in stress positions, thrown into solitary confinement for months on end and used as a human mop to clean up his own urine.


(Thanks, David!)

(Image: PDR_4470, a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike-licensed image from Whomever's Flickr stream)