Major update to Miro, the free/open Internet TV client

Miro, the free/open Internet TV client, has just released a major update, going to 1.2. Miro combines BitTorrent (fast downloads), VLC (play any video format) and RSS (subscribe to video in "channels" and have new episodes downloaded directly to your desktop as they're published).

The idea is to create an open platform for enjoying video online, one that isn't owned by any company, one that anyone can produce video for — to make video open like the web, not owned by any company. Basically, to make a Firefox for Internet video.

# On Windows and Linux, we updated to XULRunner 1.9, which brings memory and performance improvements.
# We've added a much-requested preference to set new channels to not auto-download.
# New preferences for tweaking number of simultaneous auto-downloads and torrent seeding.
# Important re-architecting of the frontend and backend code.
# Lots of bug fixes and tweaks.
# On OSX, we updated to Perian 1.1.
# On Windows, the Miro installer is now much simpler and prettier.
# Improved support for Flash in Channel Guide pages.
# Improved translations for dozens of languages.

Link, Link to feature list

(Disclosure: I am proud to volunteer as a board member for the non-profit Participatory Culture Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity that makes and publishes Miro)