Terrorist watchlist screws up lives of innocents

The Washington Post's Ellen Nakashima wrote an article about the US government's incredibly sloppy job with maintaining a list of terror suspects. If they can't even keep innocent people off the list, how can we expect them to protect anybody from real terrorists?

One man went into a Glen Burnie, Md., Toyota dealership to buy a car,
only to be told that a name check revealed he was on a U.S. Treasury
Department watchlist of suspected terrorists and drug dealers. He had
to be "checked for tattoos," he said, to make sure he wasn't the

An 18-year-old found he could not open an account to accept credit
card payments for his fledgling technology consulting business
because his name was similar to that of a Libyan official on the

A former U.S. Navy officer who served in the Persian Gulf and whose
father was killed in the Korean War when he was a child, found
himself locked out of his PayPal account because his name was similar
to one on the watchlist.

Link (Via Farber)