Fake Craigslist "everything must go" ad costs man pretty much everything

Charles sez, "This Oregon resident lost almost all of his possessions including his horse (which he got back) because someone posted a craigslist ad saying that he had to move suddenly and that everything at his house was up for grabs. When he returned home to confront the people looting his house, many of them refused to give the stuff back. They simply waved a print out of the craigslist ad in his face as if that was some sort of proof that they were in the right."

Once home he was greeted by close to 30 people rummaging through his barn and front porch.

The trespassers, armed with printouts of the ad, tried to brush him off. "They honestly thought that because it appeared on the Internet it was true," Salisbury said. "It boggles the mind."

Jacksonville police and Jackson County sheriff's deputies arrived but by then several cars packed with Salisbury's property had fled.

He turned some license plate numbers over to police.


(Thanks, Charles!)