Seeking marrow donor for animation writer/blogger Emru Townsend

Tom sez, "Emru Townsend, a well-known animation writer and blogger is in need of a bone marrow transplant." You can help.

In mid-December, Emru was diagnosed with leukemia, and a condition called monosomy 7. Due to the monosomy 7, he has an increased risk of the leukemia coming back, no matter how successful chemotherapy is. This is where you can help save his life.

Emru needs a bone marrow transplant. This kind of therapy is administered through a transplant of bone marrow stem cells from a matching donor. The highest chances for a match are from siblings, but his only sister is not a match. As a result, he must to turn to national and international bone marrow registries to find a compatible donor. There are 11 million donors worldwide, but there is still no guarantee that he will find a match: The chances of matching another person can be as high 1 in 450 or lower than 1 in 750,000. Time is of the essence as the optimal window of opportunity is in the first few months after remission.

Hell, even if you don't care about this one case, being on the marrow donor registry is just a Good Thing. The next person it saves could be you.


(Thanks, Tom!)