EU forced to release list of objects you're not allowed to take on planes

The European Court of Justice is forcing the EU into publishing its top-s33kr1t list of things you're not allowed to take on airplanes. Oh noes! Now the terrists will have the complete, exhaustive list of all the devices it is possible to crash an airplane with. We are doomed.

The fight waged by the Austrian passenger, who had been ordered from a plane before takeoff because of his sports equipment, forced the European Commission on Thursday to agree to publish a secret list of banned items for air passengers…

The case arose from an episode in September 2005, when Gottfried Heinrich was stopped at the security control of Vienna-Schwechat Airport because his carry-on baggage contained tennis rackets…

The criticism of the EU policy came in an opinion from an advocate general Eleanor Sharpston, a legal adviser to the European Court of Justice.

In unusually tough language, she attacked what she described as the "fundamental absurdity" in the position of the European Commission, which had kept the annex secret but had issued a press release describing some of its contents.

The adviser said the error was so big that EU rules on aircraft security should be declared "non-existent."


(Thanks, Loren!)