Camera shop offers customer bribe to remove bad Amazon review

BB pal and FM COO Jason Weisberger felt that the fancy camera he ordered from Cameta Camera, via Amazon, was poorly packed for shipping. He called the company to complain and they were rude to him. So he posted a bad review of the shop on Amazon. The next day, Cameta Camera offered him $75 to take down his review. Jason has the details over at Dethroner. From the email he received from Cameta Camera:

We are ready to issue you a credit for $75.00 back to your Amazon account (which is the original freight paid). Our' only concern is that in the past we have made an accommodation for a customer but they have left us negative feedback anyway. If you would be willing to remove your negative feedback remark to our account (and then email me to let me know that it has been done) I will issue the credit right away. We pride ourselves on good customer service and we are willing to work with you.

If you do decide to remove the feedback left in exchange for the refund please follow the instructions below.