Taking pictures on LA's Red Line violates the "9/11 Law"

Keith tried to take a picture on the Red Line in LA, and was told that he was breaking the "9/11 Law" by a metro worker who swore at him and threatened him with arrest when he asked what the "9/11 Law" was.

Him: Hey! It's against the 9-11 Law to take pictures down here man!

Me: You mean the Patriot Act?

Him: No pictures.

Me: Could you explain? What law do you mean?

Him: You are lawyer?

Me: No.

Him: No pictures. You could be a terrorist. Very strict!

Me: How about I take a picture of you?

Him: F**k you…(I couldn't believe it either)

He then proceeded to huddle in the corner and speak into his radio. Next thing I knew, a booming female voice very loudly announced over the loudspeaker "Attention to the gentleman in the plaid shirt: You are not allowed to take photographs in the Subway. You will be arrested if you continue to take photos and harrass the metro worker."

I was incensed/surprised/embarrassed/horrified/bewildered. People started staring.

Then the voice continued: "The gentleman in the plaid shirt: You must approach the callbox near the escalators and speak to the sheriff." I didn't budge. So she said it again, this time louder…

"Okay" I thought, I'll play along…I went up to the callbox and pushed the button. A new voice this time, this one male, boomed out and said, "Why are you taking photographs sir?"

Me: "What law am I breaking?"

Voice: "You can't take pictures sir, we don't know why you are taking pictures."


(Thanks, Keith!)