UK gov't wants database of every phone call and email

The British government (who lost 25 million families' financial data, repeatedly, over the last several years) are proposing to spy on every single email and phone call placed in the country, but it'll be OK because all this highly personal, warrantless surveillance will be "subject to strict safeguards." This will fight terrorism by making the haystack orders of magnitude larger, which will naturally make it easier to locate the Al Quaeda needles.

Funny, for all surveillance, Osama bin Laden is still free — and we're not. Guess who's winning the "war on terror?"

Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne called the proposals "an Orwellian step too far".

He said ministers had "taken leave of their senses if they think that this proposal is compatible with a free country and a free people".

"Given the appalling track record of data loss, this state is simply not to be trusted with such private information," said Mr Huhne.


(Thanks, Al!)