Hypocrite GOP House Leader Boehner wants wiretapping protection — but only for himself

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Tim Jones sez, "If you've been following the fight to hold phone companies accountable for illegal wiretapping, you probably thought the level of hypocrisy on display in the Republican leadership couldn't get any more blatant. Well, you thought wrong.

Politico reports today that Republican Leader John Boehner has been fighting hard for his own right to protection from illegal wiretapping, even though he's simultaneously trying to to deny ordinary Americans the same rights. Oh, and he's earned himself $1.1 million in the process."

When ordinary Americans were being wiretapped, Boehner's attacked them and their right to privacy, claiming "I believe (phone companies) deserve immunity" from the law. But when Boehner himself was being wiretapped, he had no hesitation to claim his own right to privacy, claiming "no one is above the law."

When ordinary Americans are victimized, Boehner's taken every opportunity to caricature their representatives at EFF and ACLU as "unscrupulous trial lawyers" who are "trying to find a way to get into the pockets of the American companies." But when Boehner himself is the victim, suddenly defense attorneys don't seem so unscrupulous to him, and he has no problem employing his own litigators to receive a $1.1 million reward.


(Thanks, Tim!)