Sweet hotel suites

Pro Traveller's roundup of 15 "coolest hotel suites in the world" does, in fact, feature some pretty nice hotel rooms to aspire to, even if you never check into one. I once did a hotel-review gig that had me staying for two nights in a $1400 suite at the MGM Skylofts in Las Vegas: it was two storeys, with an Infinity Tub, a butler, a badass cappuccino machine, and they printed out a dozen global newspapers of my choosing every day on 11×17 paper, bound them with silk ribbon and laid them out on the breakfast table. It was really sweet — but no one could figure out how to turn out the clever, design-y lights over the bed, and the WiFi was too slow.

Atelier Sul Mare Art Hotel: It would be hard to find bad hotels on the Sicilian seaside but some stand out above the rest. The rooms of this hotel have each been uniquely designed by recognised artists to create an ambience unlike anything you'll find anywhere else in Sicily. The 'I'm Boarding on a Paper Boat' suite is a blue-and-black themed room based on the concepts of water and space. The 'Trinacria' suite is a geometrically designed room that's mostly dark but has flashes of light creating patterns throughout the room wile the 'Energia' room casts a strange red hue throughout the suite. Each space is different and each is a work of art.


(Thanks, Andy!)