Books as home decor items

Book Decor sells authentically fake libraries. You can pick the antique leather-bound books based on the color of the covers. For example, the "Zen Collection" consists of sun-bleached volumes. There are also limited quantities of "Harry Potter Look" books. Depending on the style, each book sells for around $6 to $28. The books aren't in English though, so unless you happen to know the language a particular book is written in, you couldn't read it if you wanted to. From the Book Decor site:


Decorating a home library is a tough task, especially if you are short on books! Then again, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a few hundred hardbacks on hand. Considering that even the smallest of home studies requires a substantial number of volumes, the cost of filling a few bookshelves can really add up!

That is, of course, unless you consult with a decorative book dealer. As merchants who deal specifically with ornamental books, decorative dealers know exactly how to fill bookcase space with the greatest of ease. As ornamental book merchants, we at Book Décor are well-versed in the art of decorating with books. Our Danish printed, European imported books are sold specifically with interior design in mind.

Many people feel that it's silly to purchase books for pure decorative value. While we certainly understand this, we also savor the opportunity to change the mind of such individuals! Our books are so beautiful on the outside that their interior ceases to be important. What's more, they are available for purchase by the foot as well as the yard. In other words, no more spending hours in used bookstores looking for space fillers. At Book Décor, this process takes a matter of seconds!

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