Astronauts wanted

The Canadian Space Agency has, er, launched a recruitment campaign for astronauts. Two lucky applicants will be chosen to join the Canadian Space Agency Astronaut corps and a "pool of qualified candidates will also be created for future needs." From the job description:

 Asc Img Astronaute Recrutement
The Canadian Space Agency is seeking outstanding scientists, engineers and/or medical doctors with a wide variety of backgrounds. Creativity, diversity, teamwork, and a probing mind are qualities required to join the Canadian Space Agency's Astronaut Corps. To withstand the physical demands of training and space flight, candidates must also demonstrate a high level of fitness and a clean bill of health.

Astronaut trainees will train for tours of duty on the International Space Station (ISS), the largest human spacecraft ever built…

Long-duration missions aboard the ISS generally last from three to six months. Training for long-duration missions is very arduous and takes two to three years. This follows basic training of about one year. This training requires extensive travelling, and includes assimilation of the ISS assembly sequence and its on-orbit operations.

Link (Thanks, Douglas Rushkoff!)