Free street games at NYC's Come Out and Play Festival this weekend!

Jane McGonigal sez,

25 brand new street games are premiering at the annual Come Out and Play Festival in New York City this weekend (June 6 – 8 2008). Everything is open to the public and 100% free to play!

The games I'm most looking forward to playing are Pigeon Piñata Pummel, where you earn Mario-style powerups by whacking away at real pinatas, and Competitive Picnicking — which needs no explanation. Woot!

I'll also be running a blindfolded game at the festival called the Lost Sport — legend has it, the sport was banned 2000 years ago by the ancient Greeks, but we're playing it anyways! We'll be competing virtually with other teams playing the sport in Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, Buenos Aires, New Zealand, London, and more.


(Thanks, Jane!)