National Geo's China issue has controversial pages glued together in China

Marilyn sez, "There are some 5,000 copies of the English-language edition of National Geographic distributed in China every month, but readers of the May issue, which was dedicated to China, found some controversial pages were glued together. "

National Geographic magazine dedicated its May issue to China, but some in China had trouble reading it – because pages had been glued together.

Readers of the 5,000 copies of the English-language edition distributed in China have reported that pages 44 and 45, which show a map of China, were stuck together. These pages didn’t make the often-censored slip-up of treating Taiwan as a separate country, but the concern might have been labeling several borders disputed with Pakistan and India. Another map, on pages 126 and 127, showing the distribution of China’s ethnic minorities, was also glued, perhaps because of recent sensitivities over the country’s Tibetan population.

Pages 100 and 101, which feature controversial artwork, as well as pages 128 and 129, on dissent, were also censored, presumably for more obvious reasons...