Swedish journalists march on Parliament to oppose wiretapping bill

Danny sez,

Sweden's parliament is about to vote on a law that would legalize a massive data-mining wiretap on all its cross-border traffic: scooping up millions of innocent communications and feeding them to a shady, military government agency, the FRA, that most Swedes had not heard of until this week.

Tech-savvy Swedes have been campaigning against this law for over a year, but it's only now that the general public have heard about its provisions. It will only take four MPs to vote down the bill, but Sweden's normally calm parliamentary procedure has been riven with strong-arm tactics from the leading parties (one rebel MPs was in tears as she was pressured to take a fake "compromise"). Now it looks like the law will pass.

The vote happens tomorrow (June 18th), the Swedish Federation of Journalists has called on all writers to march on parliament, and are asking the international media to cover this story before the "Swedish Spywall" is raised.


(Thanks, Danny!)

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