Cement falls from sky

A 55 pound sack of cement fell from the sky through the roof of a Moscow home last week. It was dropped by a Russian air force plane that was seeding clouds for weather control. The cement was supposed to have been pulverized into powder that's released into clouds along with silver iodide and liquid nitrogen to force rain. From Reuters:

"A pack of cement used in creating … good weather in the capital region … failed to pulverize completely at high altitude and fell on the roof of a house, making a hole about 80-100 cm (2.5-3 ft)," police in Naro-Fominsk told agency RIA-Novosti…

The homeowner was not injured, but refused an offer of 50,000 roubles ($2,100) from the air force, saying she would sue for damages and compensation for moral suffering, Interfax said.