Today at Boing Boing Gadgets


Today at Boing Boing Gadgets, Joel wished he was part of the greatest NERF office war in history, and Brownlee wtfed over a Texas Instruments ad featuring an evil floating elephant and a girl with her head exploding, while Rob got pissed about a psychic accusing an autitstic girl's parents of child abuse… and how they only cleared their name because of a GPS recording gadget.

We also looked at a scale for professional bodybuilders and this year's Tokyo Toy Show. Joel slummed inside the insidious bowels of some Chinese gadget sweatshops, scheduled a voyage on the world's largest cruise liner and looked at some faux skylights capable of programmable lighting. John looked at a gorgeous $400k watch, a geiger counter case mod and a piggy bank with a built-in RPG. Rob lusted after a prosthetic foot, then locked himself inside a robot vault.

And we couldn't end the week without flipping the double deuce at the pissloafers who convinced Congress to give carte blanche to the government spying on us. Good one, jackwads.