Yesterday at Boing Boing Gadgets


Yesterday on Boing Boing Gadgets...

Danger! Excitement! An SD Card that turns into a USB dongle! An LED Chess Set!

Rocketmen! Nazis! The Phantom Lapboard! An artifact of awesome power that reduces noise on your PC... but only if you have faith! A futuristic city made of dreams!

Babes! Floozies! Electric women on drugs bouncing around their immoral soirees, listening to LEGO synths played by devil DJs.

Passion! Drama! Romance! Caulk Singles!

Monsters! Griphons! Starving, vicious Snow Leopards! Cell-phone touting monkeys, "aping" presidential candidates!

War! Carnage! Bloodshed! A more defensible unimog! A toaster that can blow your brains out!

And video games!

What will happen in our next exciting installment? Stay tuned!