Brit academics call for Bletchley Park funding

A group of esteemed British scientists and academics have sent an open letter calling on the British government to give more financial support to Bletchley Park, the site of the Allied WWII codebreaking effort and the birthplace of modern computing.

They say Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, should be put on a secure financial basis like other "great museums"…

Many of the buildings on the Bletchley estate were in a state of serious disrepair, she said. One building, where code-breakers worked during World War II, was falling apart, said Dr Black, and was protected by a blue tarpaulin that was nailed down over it.

Describing Bletchley as a "gem", Dr Black said it was a "national disgrace" that such a historic site was being allowed to fall into ruin.

"I do not know why they do not have funding as a national museum," she said.


(Thanks to Amanda and all the other people who suggested this!)

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