Anyone got a good text-parser for tagged text?

Hey, Lazyweb! I've been making tons of notes from the various books I've been reading in preparation for writing my next novel, For the Win, which is about kids who work in special economic zones as gold-farmers forming a global trade union. Now I need a tool to help me manage the notes, and I figure someone out there must have already built it, though I can't find it.

The notes look like this:

Tuile a house — knock it down, without the occupant's permission, as when the government takes down a house in punishment for violating the one-child policy. River 354. @china @idiom @corruption @authoritarianism

The form's simple: a note with the book and page reference (this one comes from Peter Hessler's excellent River Town), followed by some tags. Each note is separated by a double carriage-return. All the notes are in a single text file.

I'm looking for something that'll parse out the tags at the end of the lines and then make a tag-cloud out of them, and let me click on tags to retrieve them, as well as searching the fulltext of all the notes.

This is such a bog-standard way of using tags that I figure there must be something on the web that can handle it. Do you know of one? Discuss it in the comments below. Thanks!