Night Vision: night photos of urban ruins from the creator of Lost America

Troy Paiva's Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration is a stunning collection of "light-painted" night photography from a variety of modern ruins: ghost towns, abandoned mass-transit stations, an airplane graveyard and others. Paiva places dramatic colored lights in the scene to bring out its essential spookiness, something that is often missing from photos of glorious old ruins. The book includes an intro from BLDGBLOG's Geoff Manaugh and copious notes on the different sites ("TOADS" -- temporary, obsolete, abandoned and derelict spaces) that Paiva and his fellow urban explorers visited (Paiva also includes colorful, curmudgeonly grumps about the damned film location and set people who sex up his ruins by adding extra graffiti and so on). You can see more of Paiva's work on his site, Lost America, which chronicles his serious nighttime infiltration habit.

Night Vision: The Art of Urban Exploration

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