Political "crop circle"


Every year, Lebanon, Ohio farmer Bill Irons creates a design in his corn field. This year, it's a 12-acre maze with an election theme. From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Irons creates his design the old-fashioned way. He draws it out on graph paper, then enlarges it on 16 to 20 pages of graph paper that he tapes together and mounts on a board.

The corn field gets special attention, too. It's planted in two directions – like the intersections on a grid, he said. The corn comes up extra thick that way.

When the corn starts growing, Irons gets out his tractor, and sometimes a hoe. He grooms his creation the entire growing season.

Irons chooses not to use a GPS device, a piece of technology that would guide him more easily through the cutting process. "I use my head and my hands," he said.

Corn maze takes election theme (Cincinnati.com, thanks Charles Pescovitz!)