California's Prop 8 would end same-sex marriage

Art sez,

My partner and I were plaintiffs in the lawsuit suing the State of California for the right of same-sex couples to be married. We won that battle but now we have a new one: California Prop 8, if it passes, would change the part of the state constitution that the State Supreme Court upheld in granting us our new marriage rights.

This is the first of many ads aimed at convincing people to get up and vote down Prop 8. It's aimed at young voters, and I'm sure more than a few read BoingBoing religiously, like I do.

I wrote, produced, shot and co-directed this piece, and all the crew donated the time and equipment necessary to make this happen. It just went live on YouTube today. The two stars just graduated from Berkeley High where they were extremely active in gay rights and their school's GSA program.

NoOnProp8dotcom's Channel

(Thanks, Art!)