Brits! Sign petition to fight proposal to let the cops lock you up for 42 days without charge!

Carsetn sez, "Amnesty International has launched a petition to fight the British Government's proposal that it should be allowed to lock up anybody for 42 days just by saying the words 'terrorist threat'."

This autumn the Government wants to push through a Bill allowing police to lock people up for 42 days without charge if they are suspected of a terrorism-related offence. When the Counter-Terrorism Bill comes back to the House of Commons, your MP will have a chance to help defeat it: the Bill only passed by nine votes last time, so it will be close.

Allowing police to lock people up for a month-and-a-half without charge will undermine basic human rights to which everyone in the UK is entitled. It will also damage community relations, make intelligence gathering more difficult and possibly ruin the lives of innocent people. This Bill needlessly sacrifices important civil liberties but gains nothing in the way of security.

The only way to convince MPs to vote against 42 days is to show them how many of their constituents are against this unnecessary and counter-productive piece of legislation.

Say No to 42 Days!

(Thanks, Carsten!)