Yesterday on Boing Boing Gadgets


Yesterday on Boing Boing Gadgets, we discovered the best place to buy a 3G iPhone are in the electronics black markets of Hong Kong and were surprised by a remarkably candid admission by an Apple engineer about what went wrong with MobileMe.

Lustfully, Brownlee coveted a bowling ball bag for DSLRs and a candy-colored crapgadget of cuteness. Meanwhiizza admired a D12 media server, a Fujitsu 12-inch tablet and puzzled over how the ancient Romans used a speculum to remove a wine cork.

There was (probably unwarranted) speculation that Apple's new "Brick" product will be an Apple TV with built-in DVR. Pac-Man morphed into a line of designer Italian furniture, and Goofy taught us all the proper way of hooking up a home theater system.

Meanwhile, Joel looked at a Fujitsu flip phone that can break-in half on purpose and a new environmentally-friendly Ben and Jerry's freezer. He also coveted after some junk cars turned into furniture and the Open Pandora handheld gaming system.