Shrooms to cure headaches

An individual who suffers from cluster headaches thinks he may have finally found a treatment that works: psychedelic mushrooms. The man, who goes by the name Flash, found no relief at the doctor's office, read that in the 1960s LSD had been tested to relieve migraines. So he decided to eat some psilocybin mushrooms. From The Independent:

He was thrilled to find that the "shadows" evaporated – and stayed away. He began taking a light, sub-hallucinogenic dose of 12 to 20 mushrooms approximately once every three months, and found that he remained symptom-free for nearly a year. "I started to tell people about it," he says, "but they thought I was mad…"

A handful of CH sufferers thought there was truth in Flash's unorthodox solution. One man, Bob Wold, decided to start, a website devoted to campaigning for research and disseminating information about how to safely use hallucinogenics…

Anecdotal reports of the clusterheads' use of hallucinogens attracted the interest of John Halpern of Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts. Spurred on by the suicide of a colleague who suffered from CH, Halpern and colleague Andrew Sewell interviewed 53 people who had self-medicated with the hallucinogen therapy. The survey results suggested that there was something to Flash's idea after all. The pair published their results in the respected journal Neurology, and Halpern has now submitted a protocol for a Phase-I clinical trial to the university's Institutional Review Board.

Psilocybin to cure cluster headaches (via Further)