Monkey Dust


When most people think of "Adult Animation" they think of things like Ralph Bakshi's Fritz the Cat or Heavy Traffic, but Bakshi's lurid seventies shockers have got nuthin' on Shaun Pye and the late Harry Thompson's ultra bleak — and often quite smutty — BBC3 television series, Monkey Dust. Truly, it can be said, Monkey Dust raises the bar!

A three season (2003-2005) anthology of loosely themed animation, the main thread connecting the pieces seemed to do with how dark, shocking and provocative they all were. There's never been anything quite like Monkey Dust. It's hard to describe it due to its anthology nature, but it might help you decide if this kind of "comedy" is for you, when I tell you that the subject matter includes things like n'er do well terrorists, chat-room pedophiles, kidnapping, drug addiction, sleazy sex, Nazi grandfathers and murder. Monkey Dust is, beyond the slightest doubt in my mind, the most far-out TV show yet. And one of the most offensive, certainly. Man oh man is it just great stuff. With the most amazing pop soundtrack including songs from The Eels, Goldfrapp, Pulp and many other notables. Much of the individual animations have made it onto YouTube, but only the first season has made it to DVD. Seasons 2 and 3 are easy to come by on various Bit Torrent trackers. Maybe NSFW. Everyone will think you're a freak if you watch this at work.

Monkey Dust.

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(Richard Metzger is a guestblogger)